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Humans of L.A.S.



Fondée en 2010, Brandon Stanton a crée Humans of New York avec une mission simple : raconter les histoires des gens. Humans of New York a débuté comme un projet de la photographie où Stanton avait pour but de prendre 10,000 photos des habitants à New York. En chemin, il a commencé par discuter et par interviewer les futurs personnages de ses photos. Les photos et les histoires ne font qu'un sur son blog. Aujourd’hui ce blog de 20 millions abonnés est comme une étincelle dans la vie quotidienne des inconnus à New York.

Inspiré par Humans of New York, les éléves du Albert Schweitzer ont crée « Humans of L.A.S. » Grâce à leurs photos et leurs histoires aussi diverses soient elles, on peut avoir une étincelle dans la vie quotidienne de la communauté des élèves du L.A.S. !

Humans of LAS 18.JPG

I am an athletic man. I play handball and I have one big sister. One day with my sister and my friends I went to the swimming pool. My friends gave me a challenge: jump really high on the diving board. I went to jump. I have always been scared to jump on the diving board, but I decided that I would let go of my feelings and so I went to the stairs. I’m on the diving board. I’m really scared, my legs, my arms, my heart…my body says stop it. The people in the swimming pool became strange and I felt sick. I heard a voice. I know this voice…Yes it was my sister’s voice! She supported me, she danced and yelled for me. I always remember this day because she gave me hope, she is my example and she said that everyone is scared for one moment, for one thing or action, but with love people can realize anything. We can do it. My sister is becoming a teacher and she is learning this lesson. We can do this! She always repeats, “you are brilliant, you are beautiful, you are unique.” My sister helped me become me today, she is my hero, my example. I would just say: thank you sis for your help and determination. I love you.

Humans of LAS 17.JPG

My name is Lyne. I am 16 years old. I have a little brother. I like to play the cello and go hiking. I like to go hiking because I walk in the beautiful nature. I like to listen to people and am ready to help them. For me, people must have a smile and a good mood. After school I want to be a social assistant. My dream is for everyone to love each other and that there is no judgment. I want love and peace in the world because actually in several countries there is a lot of war and death. Many people die because they don’t have enough to eat. We have to love each other.

Humans of LAS 12.JPG

I have skied since I was 2 years old. I have done ski contests since I was 6 years old. For 5 years, I was not very good. I often got like 10thin regional contests and 25thin national contests but last year I stopped national contests for more training. I’ve progressed like more than ever and in the regional contest I got like 3rdor 2nd. It was amazing for me and my coach told me: “With your level now you can be like 5thin the national contest so I will enroll you in the next step of Citadines” (this is the national contest series). It was in February and the last step of Citadines was the second weekend of March, but before the first week of March I was in training in Markstein (my training mountain) with friends. We did some jumping, but I fell and I crashed. When I crashed I broke my bone. It was the last day of the training and I broke my bone! So the ski season was finished for me and I stopped everything. When my bone was better I had lost all of my muscles, but I worked and worked and worked and for the Italy training I was ready to restart skiing. Now I await the 2018-2019 season of skiing with eagerness and I hope I become better for the FIS race (international).

Humans of LAS 6.JPG

When I was 13, I started to have some self-conscious ideas about my body. I didn't like my arms, my leg, or my feet. I felt like my entire body was a skeleton. In school everybody, except my friends, made fun of me. There wasn't a day when I didn't receive some insults. Seeing that I was sad my parents began to worry about me. My mother asked me a lot of questions, concerning my feelings and how my day at school was. I've never had the courage to tell them the truth. But one day when I was 16, I've decided to make my weakness a strength so I started to muscle up my body. A lot of people especially girls began to tell me some sweet words. For the first time in my life many girls would like to hang out with me, and I had my first girlfriend! I've decided to create my Instagram account to share my experience, with my community, show them my transformation and how I managed to do it. It drives me literally crazy when I see a lot of people who have a lot of self-conscious ideas about themselves, especially the people who laugh at them. They just have to know they are beautiful just the way they are, they don't have to change a thing. Just be yourself! Change your weakness into a weapon.

Humans of LAS 10.JPG

Hello, I'm 16 years old. I live in Mertzwiller. I do triathlons in Mulhouse. Triathlon is a sport where a person swims, bikes and runs in one race. My father tells me sometimes « we are crazy ! » . I want to confess a little memory of my life. One day, when I was a little child, I went to the supermarket with my sister, Oceane, and she lost me. At this moment, I was very scared and I cried. Another day, I wanted to buy chocolate for my mother and so I decided to go to the supermarket, but I realized I didn’t have any money, it was really stupid. Today I think supermarkets are not for me. To finish, I want to tell you a memory of my morning. When I arrived at the swimming-pool for my training, Cédric, my trainer, scared me with a plastic spider. It was very horrible but it was a good alarm!

Humans of LAS 19.JPG

First, I come from French Guyane and it is where I am born. I lived all my childhood in this place and it was really cool. But one day, I decided to go to a sport class in France. I go to this school in Mulhouse for my passion: handball. I am a goalkeeper of the team and I am really happy that all the team believes in me. I feel I become a better player every day but sometimes I miss my parents. Now I live here and my grandparents take care of me. Hopefully, here I can cook and particularly Chinese food (I also love to eat it). One day, I hope I can do a world tour and see all that beautiful things in the world. But today I am happy to be here with my team and do my 8 hours of training per week.

Humans of LAS 23.png

I remember my first match of volleyball. I was 7 years old and was a beginner. I was really stressed before the match. I scored my first point and I was really happy after that. After the match was finished and won, I returned to the locker room and celebrated the victory. Two weeks after the victory, I had a new match and I won. I played more and I improved my division. 7 years after my first match, I am 14 years old and I am on the France volleyball team. In 2018, I played in the French Championship of volleyball with my team. After winning all my matches, I arrived at the final match. I stressed like my first match 7 years before. I scored 6 points in the match and my team and I won the match. I’m really so happy. I’m a French champion. My family was really happy for me and my victory. I really love this game. It’s my passion. So this is the story of my passion: volleyball.

Humans of LAS 13.JPG

I was born on the 27thof December 2002 in Mulhouse. My mother and all my family were very happy. It was the best Christmas for my family. Now, I’m 15 years old and my biggest dream is to have a good life when I will be an adult. I would like to do what I want. Today I’m happy because I haven't got any big problems in my life. But in the world there are many people suffering. A lot of children don't have access to learn and I would like to help those people who want to learn because everyone should be able to know the wealth of the world. When I was young, I had a weakness: I was dyslexic. I persevered and I don’t have any problems with it now. That’s one of my greatest prides. I’m really happy in my life but the worst thing that may happen would be never to see my brother again or to lose one of my relatives. I would like to overcome my fears and stay focused on my goals.

Humans of LAS 5.jpg

I am an Indian girl. I was raised with my culture. I can't talk easily with people because they laugh about how small I am. Yes in fact I am 1m51 an and I wonder why I’m like that. When I was younger, I didn’t care about all of this mockery, I was this little nice and cute girl you know but now I am a teenager and all of my classmates have grown but not me so I am really self-conscious about my height. In middle school I had a revelation: people thought they were adults, but no you’re only 12! So I decided to be confident, I do whatever I want to do, being at ease on the inside, more sociable, staying happy, and making people happy because I don’t like negative energy. So yeah I can be a little bit overbearing on the outside but on the inside I stay a nice girl.

Humans of LAS 1.JPG

I am 16 years old. I did hockey since 12 years old. My favorite team is Edmanton. My goal is to live in the USA and finish my studies there. My travels include Maldives, Dubaï, and Suède. I have one little brother who is 4. My hobbies are Rubisk cube and magic. My challenge is to join an American university. My favorite Brand is CCM, my favorite single is Juice WRLD. I have brown hair, my eyes are brown, I am tall. In hockey, my favorite player is MC David.

Humans of LAS 3.JPG

I was born the 17thof September in Mulhouse. I am 16 years old. My passion is handball and I have practiced that since I was 11 years old. My favorite handball player is Gonzalo Perez De Vargas, the goalie of FC Barcelona. Futhermore, I play in ASPTT Mulhouse-Rixheim. However, I love American football, music like US Rap and FR Rap too (Timal, 50 Cents). But, my favorite hobby is being with my family and my friends. I have one brother who is Arthur DiCerto and he is 12 years old. I am Italian and Portuguese so I am crazy on Italian food and fast food. However, I love Mexican food too. Futhermore, I am interested in podcasts by Ahmed Sylla or James Debbouze. But, I hate German, ping pong and endives. After my studies, I would like to do Staps and practice physiotherapy in France or become a sports coach. However, the things I am proud of are my family and my passion.

Humans of LAS 7.JPG

Hello! I am 15 years old. I live in Mulhouse, France. I was born the 12th of August 2002. In 3 words I am simple, kind and calm. I have a brother and a sister. My favorite color is burgundy. Later I want to be an engineer and live in America because I love the American culture. During my free time, I like running very fast and playing football. I play football once a week. At school, I'm good at Spanish and I love math but I am bad at French. I get on well with my class. I want to go to London for my next holiday. I am scared of nothing. Usually I wear basketball shoes with a sweater and black pants.

Humans of LAS 8.JPG

Hello. I am fifteen years old. I am a girl. I live in Riedisheim. I was born the seventeenth of November two thousand and two. My sport is mountain biking but I also do X-Terra. X-Terra is a triathlon with swimming, mountain biking, and trails. It's fantastic. I love this sport. On mountain bike I made the French cup and I have two top tens for this race.  Also for the X-Terra I traveled to Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. I visited Prague, Krakow, and Berlin with my parents during my X-Terra. My mum did X-Terra with me. It's a family sport. I love this sport and my parents. My parents support me.

Humans of LAS 2.JPG

I'm gonna talk about my character and my life. I am a simple person with a simple life. I'm sixteen years old. I was born on 20th September 2002. During my free time I play ice hockey with my best friend Adam. I have practiced this sport since 2008. Marianne and Philippe are my parents. I usually call my father by his nickname « Phi-Phi ». I'm an only child but I have a pet. He seems like a brother to me even if he's not talking. He is a fish and his name is Gunter. I also love playing Uno with my parents when I can. My dream is to meet the creators of Tchoupi because I love it so much. Every morning I watch it on TV. My morning routine is to watch Tchoupi on TV after that I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. Then I drink chocolate milk. When I get dressed I put on my socks before the pants. This is very important for me to do all of this stuff in this order. I swear I'm not a maniac. My favorite pasta is pennes and my favorite dish is a ferk.

Humans of LAS 9.JPG

I am a female student in high school Albert Schweitzer and I study in a sports class. I am 15 years old and soon I will be 16 years old. I was born in Belfort. I am a triathlon athlete. During the week I have 13 trainings which is a lot and I play at the national level. My biggest fear is death. My dream is to make the European championship. Later I want to become a doctor for children. When I was 8 years old the worst thing happened at my triathlon training, I could not find my bike. Once I found my bike I ended up last.

Humans of LAS 20.JPG

I was born on the 20th of March 2001 in Mulhouse. In life I like many things like handball because handball is my passion. I play handball in CWH (Cernay-Wattwiller) and I'm a big fan of Luc Abalo and Lewis racon (my brothers). I love to eat Mexican food, fast food, and Chinese food. I like watching TV in particular football (soccer). The best player I have ever seen is Ngolo Kanté. I love to listen to music but just US rap and French rap. My favorite singer is 50 cent. I love to spend time with my friend and my girlfriend. If were an American boy I would like to play baseball in Miami. In my life I like many things.

Humans of LAS 11.JPG

I was born the 23rdof July 2002 in Thann. Since this day, I have loved swimming. Every day I go to the swimming pool to practice my passion. This sport gives me my greatest goal: have the chance to participate in the French young championship. One day, after I won my first gold medal, I fell on the podium. I was so stressed. It's my best anecdote. Next to sports, my dream is to have a good life and to travel because I think traveling is the best solution to learn a new culture. But I am very happy with my life because I have reached all my goals. I would like to help people. Later I would like to work in sports. And my fear is to not find a job.

Humans of LAS 14.JPG

Since I was a little boy, I was active. I'm funny and I enjoy being with my big family: two sisters (one young and one big) and a little brother. I have a very big family, it's fabulous. When I was a little boy, I discovered a new passion: football. I love it. Today I have four trainings a week. During a match I am nice with the players but I can be a bad boy if they are mean with me and my team. I have many shames but the biggest is in a match when I was running I fell on the ground. It was funny and very ridiculous. That’s sports !! When I was 12 years old, we were in a locker room before an important match. We started the match and after 20 minutes of playing I was running and I dislocated my knee so I fell on the ground. My friend stopped the match and ran to rescue me! They called an ambulance to go to the hospital because my knee was in a dangerous position, OH!! I remember that, it's not funny because the doctor said to me: “You must stop football for 1 year” and it was very difficult for me. But today I play in the U18 category in the regional level. I remember this moment as if it was yesterday. Today my dream will be to join a big football team, such as the Strasbourg team or Lyon team, because later I will become a football player, a big football player and an architect too (but I hate studies, it is hard and long but I don’t have the choice!) and I want to progress in football and have my bac too!!

Humans of LAS 15.JPG

I am a girl. I live in Brechaumont. My school is in Mulhouse. The whole week I live in a residential school at the high school Albert Schweitzer. I study sports. I am in a sports class. My sport is the triathlon. It is three sports in one sport. It is swimming, running, and biking. I love my life. Family for me is very important. I was accepted for the sport-study without having done many competitions before. I have a 15 to 20 hour training. I play on a national competition. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. In the triathlon my favorite sport is biking. My goal in my life to succeed. I love to go out with my friends.

Humans of LAS 25.jpg

I'm Tunisian and Laotian. In life I like listening to music, K-pop (BTS), watching drama, drawing, and sleeping. But I don't like the people who hate BTS, close minded people. My dream is to travel the world, travel in Asia, meet BTS and learn Korean. I'm smiling, calm. In the future I would like to be a manager of BTS. I have loved eating Asian food since I was a little girl. I have one brother he is cute and I love him! My friends are all my life because they're fun, beautiful and they complete me. My favorite look is total black, I love this color. I have long black hair and I am tall. My best friend is Ornella and my family loves her so much!

Humans of LAS 22.JPG

My name is Julien and I'm 16 years old. I come from France and I live in Lutterbach, a city next to Mulhouse where I was born. I have a little sister, she's 13 years old and she plays basketball. My favorite brand is Nike, I love their shoes especially their collaboration with Off White and Supreme. My hobby is motor sports more precisely cars races. My favorite brand is BMW. I love visiting new countries and learning new cultures. I was in Maldiven, in the Dominican Republic and in Italy. My favorite country is Italy. When I was young I did a trip to Rome, where I ate pasta and pizzas. I visited many monuments, like the tower of Pise. With my family we've got a trip project, we want to explore the United States. We want to visit New York to see the typical buildings and San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge. When I was young I played soccer for eight years. I stopped soccer because I wanted more concentration in school. My favorite soccer team is the Racing Club of Strasbourg. When I was still playing soccer, I won a championship. It was during my fourth season, I'm proud of this season. After my graduation, I want to live the American dream. I want to get great marks to get a scholarship. I want to enter in an aviation college. For me the American dream is more than a dream it's a state of mind.

Humans of LAS 16.JPG

I live in Morschwiller le Bas. I was in a Lutterbach school 6 years ago. One day, my friend and I hit our heads together and suddenly, I broke my glasses. I had these glasses for five years. One other day, I went to school with my pajamas and I didn’t notice. I saw when I went to the toilet. To conclude, I am in school like everybody, but I have had more funny experiences. After school, I have more activities too.

Humans of LAS 21.JPG

I am a French football player. I come from Ottmarsheim and play at Mulhouse. I am 16 years old. My dream is to go again to the US. I love the US and I want to discover all the country and the language. I really liked my first experience. It is my dream. I can do anything to achieve this dream. But it is a hard dream to achieve because it is really expensive and I don’t know what I want to do later. But, I am ready to do everything to achieve this dream.In my life I am a regular pupil. I go to school. I do my homework. I play football. I listen to music. By the way, I listen to all music styles. Physically, I am not really tall, but I am not little. I have short blond hair and blue eyes. At school, I am always with my two friends, Julien and Adrien. They are really complementary. To conclude, I am a regular pupil but I am determined to achieve my objectives.

Humans of LAS 26.jpg

I’m 16 years old. I have two brothers. My older brother is 19 years old and my little brother is 14 years old. I like to listen to music and I like to shop. I love K-pop music and American rap. My favorite music group is “Exo.” I don’t. have a boyfriend. After high school, I would like to do BTS for international commerce. My favorite subject is English. I have good friends and I like my class. My dream is to go to Japan and South Korea. I love Orama and my favorite film is Harry Potter. My favorite season is summer and I like Europapark and Disneyland. I have brown hair and my hair is long. I am tall and have brown eyes. My favorite color is black. My skin is beige. I’m French and Guadeloupean.

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